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Ceramic Pulsed Thyratron ZQM2-1000~10

Ceramic Pulse Thyratron
Structure Type
Indirectly heated oxygen cathode metal- ceramic structure 
The tube is mainly used as high voltage pulse switch in 384 radar system with 80 pieces.
Nature Cooling
Rated Parameters Minimum Standard Maximum
Heater voltage Uf(V) 6.0 6.3 6.6
Heater current If(A)     18.5
Cathode heating time tkyr(min) 5    
Pulse repetition frequency Fcp(Hz)   333  
Hydrogen generator voltage UH(V) 6.0 6.3 6.6
Anode direct peak voltage ûa(kV)     10
Anode critical conduction voltage Uac(kV)     1
Grid trigger pulse voltage Ugcp(V) 200    
Grid trigger pulse widthτgu(μS)     3
Typical Characteristics      
Pulse output power(MW)   5  
Average output power `Pout(kW)   5  
Anode pulse current Iap(A)   1000  
Anode average current `Ia(A)   1  
RMS current Iarms(A)   33  
Anode current pulse width τai(μS)   3  
Packing (mm) (Inside) 130 x 130 x 240  
(Outside) 340 x 340 x 420  
Lifetime T(h)   1000  
Weight G(kg)   1.5  
Aboard types US(1802)  

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